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Moving up with a Builders' Cup

Moving up day is always a very special occasion for students particularly because summer break comes next! But another reason is because they move-up to another grade and it's like when one grows older on one's birthday. In a way, moving up is a lot like growing up. Another reason is because of the once-in-a-schoolyear-award, The Builders' Cup. Almost every student wants it because it shows that you are one of the best students in the school year. Teachers look forward to it too because they are proud of their students who were able to make it. Even parents get excited because they get to see their children perform and be surprised of what they managed to achieve. Even though it is a happy occasion, lots of people cry, especially T Hysper who cried on almost each and every Moving up Day. ~ Miranda

For me, being awarded the Builders' Cup wasn't because I was the topnotcher in class or because I was the most intelligent out of all the students. The Builders' Cup is given to students who showed that they were more than other people thought they would be, and that they could actually do a great job. It is give to students who really showed that they pushed their 100%. Having the Builders' Cup took a lot of praying, faith, motivation, belief, and determination to go beyond my normal self. ~ Summer Serrano.

See here more pics of our Builders' Cup awardees.

> Ia Aleta, a one time awardee of the Builders' Cup

in our Stone Ritual, Moving Up Day

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