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General Inquiries

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To request more information:

Contact the School's Office

Mondays thru Fridays | 8:00 - 16:00

(02) 8293 5431

(0998) 975-6705

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Worldwide pandemic, all inquiries and admission procedures are done online.

Thank you and stay safe!

Application & Admissions


Step 1:  

Read important matters about our school here at our website. View FAQs, school trimestral calendar and current school fees.

Step 2:

Download Application Form, attach-send an email to Include other questions and concerns.


Step 3:

Await an email response and/or a phone call to schedule a sit-in, assessment & parent interview.

Step 4:

Consolidate your child's school records & other documents for full disclosure of your child's current academic standing and achievement levels, to include learning conditions or difficulties, if any:

a. latest report card

b. assessment reports by develomental pediatricians, neuropsychologists (within the past 5 yrs or more

c. other specialist's report (if any): IEPs, reports from SPED teachers


Steps 5 and 6: 

Session 1:  Come in with your child during the scheduled class sit-in/ small group session.


Submit all pertinent documents then pay for the application & assessment fee.

Sessions 2 and/or 3: Come in with your child for an individualized math & language assessment & parent interview. 


Step 7:

Await admission letter by email.

Proceed to enrolment.

Expect 2-3 school visits/appoinments to complete the admission process. 

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