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Now we're learning, growing & changing

Changing can be difficult but in can also be fun and challenging. It can be fun because you will be able to do things that you couldn’t do before. It’s also challenging because you will need to go through obstacles in life. You will need to change depending on your environment. It’s hard to cooperate with kids your age that aren’t interested with what’s interesting to you.

The first thing I’m going to talk about are my talents and my influences. My talents are art and sports. Popular artists and my family have influenced my talents greatly. I can be easily influenced by artists because of their works. Whenever I look at

their works it can make me smile and change my mood. I’m still learning more about art because art can be my future. My family also influence me in other ways. They always remind me to keep on learning and to continue improving myself.

The next thing I will be talking is my life at Builders. My first year in Builders was difficult and I needed to adjust a lot. I didn’t know anyone, even the teachers. The next few weeks I started talking to some of my classmates. I started to hang out with them. Now I know I learned lots of things then. My next years in Builders was fun. I knew more people. I started having colorful dreams. I became friendlier. And of course, I became smarter because of the teachers and what they taught me over the years.

The last thing I will be talking about is my future. For my future I would want to be a pilot and an owner of an airline. I also want to be an artist. When I grow up and become rich, I will donate money to kids who need help.

About the author:

Ethan (left of pic, 8 yrs old then, now 13 yrs old) came to know The Builders' School through his Tita Roselle who then was working with Teacher Vic at Scholastic publications. He easily became a friend to Mauro (right of pic). Also called by his friends as Thane, he started as a very cautious and hesitant learner. In time, he became as comfy and playful like the rest of the boys. He never ceases to amaze us with his works of art. Remember listening to his public speaking stint? And how about his display during the Personal Museum Project? Impressive!

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