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WHO INSPIRES YOU? Children chose a very important person to learn about --someone who has impact on society & a source of iinspiration for them. They went through the inquiry cycle to examine, discuss & arrive at new understandings: what makes a leader? how does a leader inspire? are leaders born or made? Finally, the class came with their final project presentations for sharing to inspire schoolmates.   Interesting choices among our Gr 5-7 sy 2012:


Yuan - Christiano Ronaldo, soccer player

Vitto - JFK, president

Bayan - Ho Chi Minh, revolutionary leader

Kim - Wilma Rudolph, athlete

Summer - JRR Tolkien, writer

Miranda - Masashi Kishimoto, writer/illustrator

Bea - Lea Salonga, actress/singer

Patricia - Diana, princess

Matt - Abraham Lincoln, president

Andre - George Lucas, filmmaker

Jed - Steven Speilberg, filmmaker

Luis - Sergio Osmena, president

Ali - Kazue Kato, manga writer

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