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Would you have survived in 14th century England?

~Below is a pre-reading activity for the Mindanao English class under Teacher Tin Poneles.

It's one way to have children imagine, and anticipate reading about Crispin.

The answer to that would be probably, “No.” I’d probably die of bubonic plague. Even if I do survive, or avoid contacting it, being a peasant would be too hard and unfair. If I were royal, yes, I would be treated rightly and have a good and fun life, then again, I would really feel bad for the hardworking peasants I see outside my window who also deserve a life like mine. I won’t be able to do anything about it. I also disapprove of their lifestyle in general. I wouldn’t call these punishment fair at all. You could die as punishment for poaching. I think imprisonment would be enough for this.

I also think it is ridiculous that you could get your body parts cut off for missing work and/or mass, insulting your Lord. I don’t think these crimes are serious enough for these consequences. You could have missed work or mass because you’re sick or question the Lord because he is unfair.

To know more about Crispin, see here: The Cross of Lead 2003 Newberry Medal Winner

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