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Teenagers and Dr Germar in the house

Our changing tweens are into their own inquiries for our unit on Human Growth and Development, "I grow and change", now in its 3rd iteration at Builders' School. Thane chose to learn more about the RH Law and reproductive rights, IA is into Early Childhood Learning and Development, while Fran is into Human Reproduction. The class in general cannot miss out on Adolescent Brain Development and Learning. We are quite fortunate to have with us Dr Germar an expert in adult and child psychiatry. She shared with us key points in response to our questions: what happens to our brains during the adolescent years? what is special about an adolescent brain? how does our brain work whenever we feel emotional? why do our brains get cloudy sometimes? how can we care for our brains as we grow and change?

I hope to share next time the "healthy mind platter" which Celine, Fran's mom=Dr Germar, talked about in class. There is such a thing!

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