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One of our 1st Projects

Before in Project, our class wrote what we call ‘Life Stories’. Life Stories are stories about our imagined lives in the future. We included real life incidents from our past to our Life Stories. One day, we shared our Life Stories to the kids in Grades 1 & 2 class who were also doing Kwentong Buhay. The Grades 1-2 presented timelines and story books about their lives from before until the present. They had pictures of them when they were younger. I thought that the way they presented was cute. It was also nice to know more about my fellow schoolmates and their presentation helped me do that.

I remember that Kwentong Buhay was one of the first projects Summer and I did in school when we were 6 or 7 years old. Back then, we brought our favourite things, pets, toys or other objects.

Now that I am thirteen and doing my Life Story, I see that there’s a big difference between talking about our life in the past or present from talking about what our future may be like.

About the Author

Miranda is now a Grade 11 student at the Beacon Academy. She is the reason why we gave birth to Builders' School and one of the many reasons why it must sustain. Aren't we all proud of her achievements.

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