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Christmas sleepover

Last year we did a re-do of our last school year’s sleepover. It was fun. When 4:30 struck at school me and my classmates changed into our going out clothes and got ourselves neat. Then we waited for a jeepney to come across us. We rode the one to Ali Mall. We were all so excited on the jeepney. Once we got to the mall, we went to the cinema’s level and got food and tickets. We had come to see “The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies”. We saw a lot of the dwarves die (spoiler) and some of us cried while others didn’t get what was happening. We then ate dinner at the food court and went back to the school.

We changed our clothes, cleaned ourselves, set up our room, and then decided to watch a movie. We had a curfew and we went a little bit past it, so did the boys. We didn’t finish the movie and instead had to go to sleep. I woke up first out of all of them because it was so freaking cold. I had a thin blanket too. So I awoke to a snotty nose at around 5 something and went out of the room. Teacher Diane woke up after and then soon started the other girls. I woke up Jhiggy with my loud sneezing and everyone started to rise. We took baths and changed into our party clothes. We ate breakfast and some of the other students had arrived to see us still eating. We then continued the Christmas party with all the usual festivities until we all started to go home. It was still an OK experience.

About the Author

Alon is very much her own person even at a young age then. I met her once before Grade 1 then she finally came to Builders' on her 2nd/3rd grade. She just happens to be the daughter of May-i, a former student of mine at COLF. The Beacon School is quite lucky to have Alon in their midst. Can't wait to see her again.

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