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This page is just about that—The Builders’ School being direct & straightforward

with our school community.  In this age of information &  misinformation, let intellect,

logic and reasoning get the best out of all of us.  

As you may have seen, heard and read (or felt) through a close to 2-minute TV Patrol news and an article posted on the TV station’s news,  two former parents of The Builders’ School turned to the media to air out their complaints related to the PVT/LRN concerns resulting from the school's alleged lack of permit.  

As school parents ourselves, we felt that everyone is entitled to his/ her opinion. It is a free country as we ourselves believe in freedom of expression. This freedom comes with great responsibility. To us that means claims put forth should be grounded on the valid information. Sufficient documentary evidences may well be analyzed if not scrutinized to arrive at truths and with due consideration to parties involved. And that it is to be done with care and caution especially when dealing with children and their profiles/ backgrounds.

Before the news came out, an official statement was requested from the school by email.  We decided to keep to our official statement in the best interest of THEIR children and OUR current student population of less than 50 whom we care about. Disclosure of our side of the story will require full disclosure of ALL school records which the Research Team decidedly thinks as unnecessary to the issue.

To this day, we have no regrets for NOT speaking out of turn against parents who are no longer with us. It was more important to keep to due process and to ensure our current community remains informed. 


Most importantly because we stand by our own set of values & principles which guide our actions and decisions:  we value relationships - 


We value our relationships with key people from DepED who have helped us and witnessed us grow as a school. We believe in due process and rightful communication to secure what our school needs.


We value our relationship with our landowner who has been very gracious and generous to the school. 


We value our relationships with our less than 50 school children & their parents, to include our almuni who know very well how straightforward and honest we can be when it comes to their children’s education, our shared responsibilities and what we expect of being true community.

Correspendences with Aze Ajero TV Patrol
Parent Complaint
Dec 2016 DepEd Show Cause Order
Builders' School Letter of Explanation
  • The Builders PVT/LRN Facts & Figures
  • ABS CBN Letter & other exchanges
  • Sample School Records (internal)
  • KMenor Tuition Fee receipts
  • School Fees sy 2011-2015
  • A Parent's view of the TV Patrol News 
March 6 Builders' Letter for Reconsideration
Permit Approved April 21, 2017
MOTION DENIED - dated March 17, Received MAY 9
Petition of Complainant to Return Padlock

We can only thank children, parents and friends who stood by The Builders' School through this ordeal.


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